Beyond The Forest

from by Valdrin

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2. Beyond The Forest

(Welcoming: The tower of Nex Animus)

“Fall down
Into the pit
You will suffer
Forever alone”

Through these graves
You will suffer
In my world”

Fog of delusion
Held these eyes in its blind
Spirit blood paved this maze
And soon the mist began to cease….

Voices revealed as screaming figures in stone
Evil dreams carved this world
“Relinquish Flesh or suffer the rebirth!”

Frantic in my ascent
Up the mountainside
I ran from the fear
Chasing the light of red calling me
Towards the black shape
Piercing through the night sky
To be revealed as a fortress
Unknown to mortal fear
I command you, open the gates of darkness!

“See in display, the ancient ways of hate
A disease reborn forever in this world
And soon you will descend below the light
Soon you, mortal soul, will suffer rebirth!”

Follow in the shadow of his bane
Up the stair case
Where visions impaled
Obscuring perceptions
Of king and queen
At the ceremonial feast

Gluttony became over the king
As sickness began to spread
Out from his mortal veins
Shadows soon would burst

This ceremony defiled
With stains of mortal blood
Unto the mortals eyes
Reflections of the dark

His servants hanging suspended
From the chandelier dripping blood
Drowning in human liquids
His kingdom….gone

And then the candles died
But life came from her scream
The flames emerged again
Only to find the queen’s body


“All you beheld is fear, hidden in the corridors of mind
Follow warrior! Up this staircase!
To the highest spire of this land”

“Behold the horizon that await you,
In the barren lands we call the Orcus.
Forged by dormant evils of the human minds
Though most mortals who have crossed have fallen below the light
And under the rebirth…”

“But if you wish to face the darkness of this world
And prevail still a mortal man.
Then all worlds will be yours to command’

Face the darkest night!

“Carry this blade
Forged by souls of warrior(s) unknown
To your escape
But soon enough they will decide your fate!”

“Fear what lies ahead
Into the dark forest
Where you will bleed your inner fear!
And what lies ahead
Over this dark fortress
You must remain of mortal blood”

I am the warrior you’re searching for
Stronger than a mortal, ill never fall
Facing towards the moon I can hear my calling

I am the ghost of the lunar wolf
Trapped in the body of a mortal man
Waiting for my legacy to be revealed

I am the warrior you’re eyes behold
Wielding my blade against the sorcery
From the mystic blood I will gain their powers

I am the ghost of lunar wolf
Searching for the lost beauty of Lorraine
This dagger hungers for the spirit blood

“And I will be you’re guardian
Through the cold realm of Orcus”

Fearless I leap
From the highest point in the sky
I fall
To the land beyond the forest I will go!


from Beyond The Forest, released January 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Valdrin Cincinnati, Ohio

Hymns from 'Beyond The Forest'

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